The Perfect Studio Monitor To Buy

…at around €600 a pair, §180 or £200 each.

New in the business of music, searching for a pair of audio monitors?
Not knowing the market of studio monitors can be a challenge.

There’s nothing worse than buying a pair of speakers, just to find out months or years later that they hurt your mixes.
Limitations, bad translation, bad construction, lack of lows, bad stereo image, nasty tweeters, on and on.
No need of a list of products to choose from, what is here is a recording studio monitor recommendation.
Meaning that there’s more than just a good relation between the price to pay and the quality of the audio you get.

A great entry point for a product that deliver results that your ears can trust and  clients can appreciate.

one of best buy mixing recording studio monitors Yamaha HS8
Can’t go wrong buying one of the best recording studio monitors in its class, the Yamaha HS8. Not expensive and clearly they mean quality.

So on that note, one of the worldwide most accepted as a standard studio monitor.

The Best Buy Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors.

You should buy them because they are stylish, they look cool in the studio.

They even come in two colours for you to choose from, black or white, but that’s not all.

A little led displaying the Yamaha logo underneath the woofer keeps shinning as long as they are connected to power, cool.

Yamaha HS series, different speaker sizes.

There’s the Yamaha HS5, Yamaha HS7 and finally the option we recommend buying for studio, the Yamaha HS8.
From the perspective of mixing the most important difference between these three sets of studio monitors reside in the main speaker size.

The Yamaha HS5 has a woofer of 5 inches and these monitors are perfectly adapted for small studio rooms.
For small studios it’s important not to have a lot of audio waves bouncing all over the room.
This is even more important if the room is not acoustically treated.

The downside of a buying small monitors is that they will not be able to show to the mixing engineer ears what’s happening in the lower frequencies.

And for almost all music genres that’s where a big part of the song magic is.

8 Inches Speaker Size For Complete Audio Spectrum

Remember, no music today gets released without lower frequencies and sub frequencies from bass and drums very well tamed and mixed to the next level.
Bigger speakers! That’s why you must the Yamaha HS8, here they shine.
It comes with an 8-inch woofer, so it’s pretty capable of going down to those lower frequencies.
That’s the help a mixing engineer needs to shape, to separate, and make that kick and bass working together.

Good quality, good construction, not a bad look and of course a good audio translation, the Yamaha HS8 occupy a spot of one of the best buy options for budgets around €600 for a pair.

Active Speakers Ready to Go

There’s no need of an extra amplifier, they are some of the best buy active 2-way nearfield monitors.

This means, plug it to the wall, connect them to the audio interface, and they are ready to produce, mix and master.
It’s a case of set it and forget it.
Will you be with them forever, probably not, as your skills grow you will feel compelled to go to higher levels, but for a start you can’t go wrong with these Japanese Yamaha boxes.

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