perfect-vst-plugin-requirement-studioHow to spot a great plugin, not only by the function it produces, but what are the prerequisites.

There are hundreds of companies developing VST’s, VSTI’s, all sort of software music related.
So there’s an abundance of plugins from all types, and this produces a market full of products difficult to distinguish.

Not all EQs are born equal, not all compressors sound the same.
Before you buy your next VST plugin, there are some boxes that your next plugin must check.

First, VST Sound Quality

There’s no need to simply buy another VST just for the pleasure of increasing the plugin’s collection.
Any new plugin must be from a company that not only understands the game behind the curtain but delivers an increase in the quality of the new plugin.
Sound quality must be pristine.

CPU Efficiency

There’s no way around this.
Despite today tech world living with 6 and 8 cores abundantly, some mixes have no limits.
A final mix can display easily dozens of tracks, hundreds of VST’s.
Low CPU plugins are a must, anything else will easily be removed from the choices of many mixing engineers.

Resizeable GUI

Who never faced a GUI that has the wrong size.
Any plugin in 2021 must be resizeable, no one needs to be fighting with an EQ, trying to understand the small virtual knobs of a compressor.
Resizeable GUI speeds up mixing, make audio engineers more happy, life is more overcomplicated in the studio.

Bugs free

There’s no way to get around this.
If people are complaining about bugs in the plugin, if the company is not listening to the clients or can’t update the VST’s, maybe is better not to buy the software.

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