rockwool acoustic treatment studio
Rockwool Absorption

No matter what is done, any studio recording room needs to have the right acoustic conditions.
Without it is simply will not work, at least at a higher level.
Sometimes that it will sonically perform very poorly.

Rockwool is the product for acoustic treatment.

No matter how much money is there to spend, no matter all different acoustic treatment products available, Rockwool is still the King.
The ability to dissipate soundwaves is extraordinary.
It can transform any untreated home studio and take it to the next recording level.

It simply works, either on the ultimate recording studio or in the basement home booth.

Pure Sound Absorption

Rockwool has the capacity of absorbing highs, mid’s and most important, waves in the low and sub low frequency.
This is one of the most difficult areas to remove unwanted audio mud.
Sound reflections in this area will harm the job of any mixing engineer, will decrease the work of any mastering studios.
And worst, any recording studio will suffer from all the untreated walls that reflect waves beck inside the microphone and then to the tracks.
It’s a nightmare that Rockwool can treat, it can reduce and give a much more balance audio image to any recording room.

Easy Acoustic Panels DIY

Rockwool is not the most expensive product, it’s easy to deal with, and buyers can create their own acoustic panels on a budget.
Any room will benefit from the presence of Rockwool acoustic panels.
So this is one of the best product’s money can buy for getting is the way of top recording vocals and instruments to stems.

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