Big, small and wider monitors, even the most expensive became quite affordable.
So what’s the best approach, what’s the best for a home recording studio or a top recording facility.

PC Monitors to buy for your desk
There are 3 main products, the standard pc monitor, the big LED TV and the wide-screen.

music-standard-recording-pc-monitorStandard PC Monitor

For the most conventional music studios the typical pc monitor, between 24 and 32 is the choice.
They are extremely cheap, very reliable, just set them up on the desk, switch on the power knob and the studio is ready to roll for years.
No secrets, no surprises and if you are on a budget, this is the way to go.
Prices start about €100, $75, pretty basic but will do perfectly the job.

led tv monitor recording studioBig LED TV

The big LED screens are the opposite choice.
They stand out, they are a big boy in the room and offer a lot of view fields.

They are the choice of those who want to see in one pc monitor the bigger number of available audio tracks, VSTI instruments, effects and more.

A big monitor actually does that without costing a fortune.

It can be very convenient to have displayed a vast number of tracks, not needing to keep scrolling up and down.
This way you can focus on producing, mixing, mastering, scoring.
Most of the big screens are 4k so even when moving them out from the studio they can be used in a living room.

Big screens can improve the DAW tracks organization.
For many projects no need to scroll up and down so much.

Big screens create a big point of reflexion for audio waves inside the recording studio.

ultrawide pc monitor daw studioUltrawide TV

For people wanting to get the best of both worlds, the Ultrawide TV can be the right pc monitor to buy.

It’s bigger than a small 24 inches, so you get a big area displayed from your DAW.

It’s smaller than a big LED TV, so a recording room will get lower audio reflexions from the Ultrawide television screen.

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