Small factor audio monitors can be a solution for many small recording studios, specially for places that produce and record music, great to improve the level of mixing and mastering.
Small monitors allow producers, songwriters and mixing engineers to work without bothering neighbours, or in worse case, those who live with them.
Let’s go for some of the best choices for small studio monitors that you can buy right now.

Focal Alpha 50

best_buy_focal_alpha-50 €225 $300 £166 each, the have room correction EQ, 5″ subwoofer, 35W, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA, and a weight of 7.3 kg.
They display a neutral sound with no major problems.
On the other side there’s no gain knob, and these Focal monitors make listening at a lower volume very difficult.
The problem, they tend to switch off power, which is very annoying.
They are a great choice for listening, producing and mixing with a small audio monitor factor.

Neumann KH 120 A

 5,25″ Woofer, 1″ Tweeter, at €559 each, bi-amplified studio monitor, made in Ireland,  they are not the most affordable, but they are very reliable. Great for mixing, no tweeter harshness, a great midfield display.
Unlike many other speakers who are too sizzling in the highs, muddy in the bass, these Neumann have a cleaner sound.
That helps produce and mixing for more hours without losing the focus and the ability to decide where your mixes must go.

Yamaha HS5

 €155 £111 $200 each, with a good relation between audio results and price you pay, these monitors are one of the most sold on the planet, they deliver a good sound image, and if you are in a budget you will not go bankrupt.
Can’t go wrong with these.

Pros and Cons

All these audio monitors will help you produce, mix and edit your music.
The downside is that they will lack some audio information needed to understand and correct the lower frequencies of the mixing.
Either you will use headphones to be able to listen those lows and subs waves, or in the future, you will update them.
In that case buy some bigger monitors that translate the full range of the audio spectrum.

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